MTV Networks Business Deal

MTV Networks business deal, which was announced on February 18, 2008, is expected to bring cheers to expecting moms and children. Recently, there was an acquisition of Babunga by Nickelodeon/MTV Networks. Babunga deals with parenting sites and sites for would be moms., on the other hand, deals with parenting sites and sites for preschool going kids. The amalgamation of the two stalwarts should not be written off as child’s play. On February 18, 2008, MTV Networks announced its business deal with Babunga. MTV Networks acquired Babunga to further expand its business in the world of entertainment for children.

Parenting Reach, belonging to Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids & Family Group, expanded by acquiring the Pregnancy Focused Sites belonging to Babunga. The acquisition was effected mainly for the betterment of belonging to MTVN/Nickelodeon. is a very popular site especially with the preschool children.
Babunga mainly deals with parenting sites and airs many programs related to would be mothers.
Some of the commonly viewed Babunga sites include:


Statistics prove that is very popular among expecting mothers and had as many as 1.1 million visitors as of December 2007. The site has as many as 27,000 names for babies. is unique because the site assists expecting mothers to track information pertaining to pregnancy and share their experiences, as would-be moms., has information right from the time a mother is expecting to the time a mother is raising a child.
Some of the commonly viewed websites of include:

The parenting sites belonging to belonging to MTV Networks/Nickelodeon acquired Babunga. It is being anticipated that the above Babunga sites will serve as a platform or a springboard for the site by reaching out to a number of parents. The MTV Networks business deal with Babunga is expected to pay off well.

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