Mzinga Inc Business Deal

On March 2008, Mzinga announced that it had aquired a 32.5 million dollar investment from W Capital Partners, a venture capital fund, and Bluecrest Capital Finance. Mzinga is a business media solutions provider. The deal will help the company purchase Prospero Technologies, based in Massachusets.
Mzinga will receive the 32.5 million dollar investment from W Capital Partners, Bluecrest Capital Finance and two other previously existing investors, GE Equity and Knowledge Industries.Mzinga is one of the leading business social media and customer community solution providers throughout the world.

Over 125 companies across the globe are using Mzinga’s services to promote innovation and learning in their research and development areas. Mzinga’s combination of technology, moderation services, and solid domain expertise help the company manage the collective intelligence of their employees, clients, and partners.

Mzinga’s current annual revenue is 30 million dollars. Mzinga’s portfolio includes ESPN, Chevron Corporation, ABC,, Johnson and Johnson, iVillage, Prudential Financial, Depository Trust, Clearing Corporation, and Mercer.
BlueCrest Capital Finance, L.P., was established in 1998. It is a commercial finance company situated in the United States. It offers solutions to debt financing to developing companies. Bluecrest offers services to industry sectors such as electronics and communications, medical services, information technology, and energy. To date, BlueCrest has successfully completed more than 750 transactions worth 1.8 billion.

W Capital Partners is a venture capital fund with a capital amount of over 1 billion dollars. To date, the company has completed more than 50 successful transactions and investments in over 150 companies around the world. It mainly focuses on the attainment of direct private equity investments.
Mzinga will finance upcoming development projects and purchase Prospero Technologies.
Mzinga will be in a leading position in the global market of business media solutions.
Mzinga will increase its sales and expand rapidly.

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