Nano Imaging Services Business Deal

The article below furnishes information about the Nano Imaging Services business deal. The investment was made by a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Merck Capital Ventures or MCV. MCV invests in companies that work towards the betterment of the pharmaceutical industry and other health related sectors.
The amount invested was $1.5 million. Reports reveal that there was an announcement of Nano Imaging Services business deal with Merck Capital Ventures on February 26, 2008. Merck Capital Ventures, LLC invested 1.5 million into Nano Imaging Services, which was needed for the improvement, as well as the expansion, of the services of the company.

The various services offered by Nano Imaging Services are as follows:
Visual inspection
Experiments pertaining to antibody labeling
Statistical characterization
3D reconstruction
Nanometer scale
The company provides TEM or 3D transmission electron microscope related services to the companies manufacturing large “molecule bio pharmaceuticals”. Using transmission electron microscope services related to imaging, the biopharmaceutical producers are able to view the various structures of macromolecules they create, the resolution being about a nanometer.

Reasons for carrying out the Nano Imaging Services business deal: The capital raised from the Nano Imaging services business deal is thought to be used for the betterment of the services of the company and also enhancement of the products offered by the company. In other words, the money raised from the business deal is likely to be used for revamping the entire company, for when the company (Nano Imaging Services) shifts its base from San Diego to all of California.
Profile of the investing company- Merck Capital Ventures or MCV:
Being a subsidiary of the company Merck & Co., Inc., it aims to finance the various activities of companies, which are indulging in emerging areas like delivery, commercialization, and distribution of services related to health care and pharmaceuticals. The company enters into business deals only with those firms that are engaged in the development of pharmaceuticals and allied health care sectors.

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