Nfocus Neuromedical Inc

Nfocus Neuromedia Inc acquired StarFire Medical Inc, the details of, which were recorded in the Nfocus Neuromedia Inc business deal. The amount for which the deal was concluded was not mentioned. The business deal is expected to improve treatment of aneurysm, hemorrhagic stroke, fistulas of the brain.
The announcement of the Nfocus Neuromedical Inc business deal was made on 9th March 2008. The business deal was between Nfocus Neuromedia as well as StarFire Medical Inc, wherein Nfocus Neuromedical Inc acquired StarFire medical Inc.

The amount for which the acquisition was made was not declared. The Nfocus Neuromedical Inc business deal is said to improve treatment of aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke.

Outcome of the Nfocus Neuromedia Inc business deal:
As a result of the business deal, Nfocus Neuromedia will be acquiring assets of StarFire Medical Inc. StarFire Medical Inc is engaged in manufacturing of “therapeutic implantable devices” pertaining to minimum invasive treatment related to diseases of the neurovascular system.
Some of the therapeutic products manufactured by StarFire Medical Inc and those, which will be acquired by Nfocus Neuromedical Inc include:
DSB or Detachable Silicone Balloon
NDSB or Non Detachable Silicone Balloon.
The above two products have been approved by FDA or Food And Drug Administration for the purpose of marketing. The products have won approval for marketing in Europe too.

In addition to the above products, which would be acquired as part of the Nfocus Neuromedia Inc business deal, various devices of the neurovascular system, devices for the treatment of intracranial aneurysm and IP or Intellectual Property pertaining to StarFire Medical Inc, would also be acquired.
Information of the acquiring company-Nfocus Neuromedia Inc:
Nfocus is engaged in developing, manufacturing as well as selling products for the treatment of neurovascular diseases like hemorrhagic stroke. The products manufactured by the company focus mainly on curing diseases like fistulas of the brain and aneurysm. This “venture capital backed” company is based in California and intends to expand and develop its efficiency in catering to the patients as well as the physicians or medical professionals who treat hemorrhagic stroke and aneurysm by enhancing its products projects.

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