Nistica Inc Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss about Nistica Inc.’s recent business deal. The company announced its deal with Battelle Ventures, a venture capital company based in Princeton, in February 2008. The former will receive a 9 million dollars investment from the latter. The money will be used to fund Nistica’s several new projects.
Nistica Inc. announced its recent business deal in February 2008. The company will receive a 9 million dollar investment from Battelle Ventures, LP and its partner, Innovation Valley Partners along with the previously existing investor Novitas Capital.

Nistica is situated in Bridgewater, USA. It provides agile optical modules, which is used to automate the high bandwidth applications. Nistica is popular because of its low cost as well as high performance services, which help the systems providers to meet the increasing, market demand.

It provides bandwidth application services through video, voice and data.Nistica’s proprietary FLEDGE technology platform helps the edge networks to scale easily through the agile optical modules.
The company has caught the market due to its low cost optical switching services between the network cores. Nistica espoused Fujikura, Ltd. as a strategic partner in 2006.

Battelle Ventures, situated in Princeton and founded in 2003, is basically a venture capital firm. Innovation Valley Partners is the affiliated partner of Battelle Venture. Currently, the total capital amount of these two companies is almost 255 million dollars. They main focus on the technology based companies, especially who are in the early stage. These two companies are actively related with the United States Department of Energy and some technical departments of several renowned universities.

Nistica also disclosed its new joint venture with Finisar Corporation, a leading provider of fiber optics solutions for the high-speed networks. However, the above-mentioned deal will help the company to fund its several new projects. It will be able to grow quickly by using the experience of Battelle Ventures

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