Novell Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss about Novell Inc.’s recent business deal, which was disclosed in February 2008. The company is going to own PlateSpin Ltd. The transaction was set at 205 million dollars. This deal will help Novell grow rapidly in the area of enterprise software solutions.
However, PlateSpin Ltd will be working as a part of the business unit of Novell. Novell Inc., an US based software company, disclosed its recent business deal in February 2008. The company will own PlateSpin Ltd for 205 million dollars. Novell provides infrastructure software for applications, like Open Enterprise, which works on both physical and virtual infrastructure.

It has got the leadership in developing operating system based on another famous operating system Linux. It also develops those softwares, which are used to manage and secure mixed IT environments.

It is also popular for its cost effective software solutions. PlateSpin Ltd., established in 2003, also a software company which provides server application softwares.
Many Global 2000 software companies use PlateSpin’s solutions to reduce cost and as well as risks.

Terms & Conditions:
The whole transaction will be closed within June 2008.
Novell will provide an update on the economical impacts of the deal within the end of the first quarter of 2008.
PlateSpin Ltd will be working as a part of Novell’s business unit and, as usually, developing its software solutions.

This deal will enable Novell to provide some extra efficient and cost effective tools to manage several “strategic virtual infrastructure systems”, for example, Citrix XenServer.
Novell will be able to facilitate the customers with a more powerful Virtualization platform.
PlateSpin and Novell together will be able to solve many of the increasing real time data center challenges, like relocation, optimization, protection, provisioning etc, that customers are facing every day.
This business deal will help Novell to position itself uniquely in the world of “next generation infrastructure software.”

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