Outbrain Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss briefly about Outbrain Inc.’s recent business deal. The company will receive a 5 million dollar investment from Gemini Israel Funds. The other investors are Lightspeed Venture Partners, Leon Recanati’s investment firm.
In February 2008, Outbrain Inc. disclosed its recent business deal. Gemini Israel Funds along with Lightspeed Venture Partners, Leon Recanati’s investment firm, who has been supporting Outbrain since its establishment, and GlenRock Israel will invest 5 million dollars in Outbrain Inc.

The founder members of Outbrain are Mr Yaron Galai, who was also incidentally the co-founder of Quigo, and Mr Ori Lahav, who was previously the Head of the Research and Development department of Shopping.com. The head office of Outbrain is situated in New York City, although its R & D department is operated from Israel.

However, Outbrain provides a platform on which the e-readers can rate the blogs, RSS contents and newses. On the other hand, e-publishers and bloggers provide the rating functionalities to the readers by using Outbrain’s API, which the user can install very easily.
Thousands of websites across the globe have installed Outbrain’s free widget already and numerous recommendations and ratings are being done by Outbrain every day. Gemini Internet Lab has been supporting the company for a long time.

Gemini, situated in Israel, is basically a venture capital firm. It is now one of the biggest firms in Israel who invests mainly in the Information Technology sector. The company was established in 1993 and since then, it has been managing 5 funds worth 700 million dollars. It specializes in the area of Enterprise Software, Consumer Electronics and Semiconductors, Wireless Technologies etc.

Lightspeed Venture Partners has already invested more than 800 million dollars in over 100 technology-based companies across China, the United States of America, Israel and India since its establishment.

Its investment portfolio comprises Informatica, Quantum Effect Devices, Virsa Systems, Blue Nile, Sirocco, eHealthinsurance, Kiva Software, Waveset, Galileo Technology, Riverbed to name a few.

This business deal will accelerate Outbrain Inc.’s growth. According to the deal, Gemini’s Mr Daniel Cohen, Lightspeed’s Mr Yoni Cheifetz and GlenRock’s Mr Ziv Kop will be holding a chair in the board of directories of Outbrain Inc.

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