Proficiency Inc Business Deal

On 26th February, 2008, Proficiency Inc. announced its’ most recent business deal. The announcement revealed that Proficiency Inc. was going to receive investment worth $4.25 million from three companies namely, Catalyst Investment, Pitango Venture Capital and Carmel Ventures.
Proficiency Inc. Business Deals refer to the business deals made by Proficiency Inc. Here, by business deals, we mean not only merger deals and acquisition deals, but also IPO (Initial Public Offering) deals and huge investment deals.Very recently, Proficiency Inc. announced an investment deal worth $4.25 million.

Company Profile
Proficiency Inc. provides technology solutions, which help the manufacturers in extracting product knowledge from diverse engineering environments. Reputed companies of automotive industry, heavy machinery industry and aerospace industry use Proficiency Inc.’s solutions.
This is done in order to ensure Product Knowledge Integration (PKI).

Details of the Deal
Proficiency Inc. announced the investment deal on 26th February 2008. The announcement revealed that, Proficiency Inc. was going to receive huge funding from three companies namely Catalyst Investment, Pitango Venture Capital and Carmel Ventures.
It has been informed that Catalyst Investment led this funding program, where, Pitango Venture Capital and Carmel Ventures were the other participants.

Proficiency Inc. informed that, it would use the funds received through this investment deal, in expanding its’ target market. The company also planned to utilize these funds in developing new applications and innovative solutions.

In respect of this investment deal, Yair Shamir, the Chairman, Catalyst Investments, stated that, having extensive network and sufficient industry experience they decided to invest in Proficiency Inc. He also opined that, using these investments; Proficiency Inc. would be able to expand their services in the automotive industry and aerospace industry. The funds would also help Proficiency Inc., in expanding its’ business in Europe, Asia and North America.

On the other hand, Richard Riff, Chairman, Proficiency Inc., stated that, this investment would largely determine the future direction of Proficiency Inc. The President and CEO, Proficiency Inc. opined that, this investment would help Proficiency Inc. in executing its’ strategic growth plan and in fulfilling its’ commitment of providing innovative products to the modern day CAD users.

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