Qcept Technologies Business Deal

Qcept Technologies Business will receive a 9.5 million dollar investment from SiemensVenture Capital, run by Siemens Financial Services. The company announced the deal publicly in March 2008. SiemensVenture Capital has a rich investment history. Therefore, this deal will enable Qcept to expand its business globally.
However, the other existing investor was Pittco Capital Management.Qcept Technologies’ recent business deal had been disclosed on 3rd March 2008. The company will receive a 9.5 million dollar investment from SiemensVenture Capital, a subsidiary of Siemens Financial Services.

The other previously existing investor, Pittco Capital Management, also took part in the first round of the deal. The total funding amount for this year (2008) will then reach up to 25 million dollars. Qcept Technologies, based in Atlanta, develops “wafer inspection solutions”, which is needed for non-visual defect detection, for the semiconductor producing industry. The company’s ChemetriQ(R) platform, which is widely known for “inline-non-contact- full wafer detection” of the non-visual defects.
On the other hand, SiemensVenture Capital is a venture capital fund. It has several offices in US, Israel, India and China.
Siemen’s Venture Capital mainly invests in the developing IT companies, across the globe, which may advance Siemen’s business scope. It also invests into the long-term growth sectors like, Automation & Control, Health care, Energy & Environmental Care, Industrial & Public Infrastructure etc. Till date, the company has invested altogether more than ?700 million in over hundred early-stage companies.
Qcept will use the money to finance its several expanding operations so that it can fulfill the increasing demands for wafer inspection solutions.
This deal will enable Qcept to fund its ChemetriQ inspection solutions projects.
By using SiemensVenture Capital’s huge investment experience Qcept will be able to expand its businesses rapidly.

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