Qualcomm Business Deal

On 11th March, 2008, Qualcomm announced its’ most recent acquisition deal. The announcement revealed that Qualcomm, has acquired Xiam Technologies, the leading wireless content targeting solutions provider of Ireland. It has been informed that, Qualcomm would be paying $32 million(approx.) to Xiam Technologies for this acquisition deal.
Qualcomm Business Deals refer to all the business deals made by Qualcomm, including the merger deals, acquisition deals, IPO deals and investment deals. But, here we will discuss the most recent business deal of Qualcomm.

The most recent business deal of Qualcomm was an acquisition deal. Through this deal, Qualcomm acquired Xiam Technologies Limited.

Details of the Acquisition Deal
The acquisition deal was announced by Qualcomm on 11th March, 2008.
The announcement made it clear that Qualcomm was going to acquire Xiam Technologies by paying $32 million(approx.).Xiam Technologies, which is a leading provider of wireless content targeting solutions, has a special product named MPOS.
This product helps the users in individualizing their experience by presenting relevant content and advertisements. After,this acquisition deal, Qualcomm has a plan to introduce this MPOS in a new way, as after the acquisition, Xiam Technologies has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm.

In respect of this business deal, Andrew Gilbert, Executive Vice President, Qualcomm, opined, that this acquisition deal would help Qualcomm in strengthening its’ service portfolio. He also added, that after acquiring Xiam Technologies, it would be easier for Qualcomm, to fulfill the commitments, that it has made to several brands, operators and the customers all over the world.

On the other hand, Colm Healy, CEO, Xiam Technologies, stated that, as Qualcomm and Xiam Technologies, both used to help the brands and operators in reaching their customers effectively, through their technology solutions; after the acquisition deal, the clients of the joined company would benefit enormously by getting more improved and more efficient wireless content targeting and mobile retailing solutions.

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