Quantum SPA Business Deal

On 10th March 2008 Quantum SpA received investment from Motorola Ventures. The financial details of the Quantum SpA business deal were not disclosed. The write up below reveals company profile of both Motorola as well as Quantum SpA and the features of the business deal.
Quantum SpA, the recipient of the investment made by Motorola Ventures as part of the Quantum SpA business deal is expected to further enhance the performance of the company with the help of the money it has received from Motorola Ventures in the Quantum SpA business deal.
The amount that was invested was however not made public. This business deal was announced on 10th March 2008.

Reasons for investment in Quantum SpA:
The Quantum SpA business deal, it is being predicted will be taking the company a step further in the Mobile Television Market.
Motorola Ventures made the investment so that Quantum SpA is able to enhance its performance as far as delivering “multimedia digital content” for its clients is concerned.
The business deal will also make provision for the Mobile Network Operators as well as Pay TV Broadcasters so that their subscribers can be offered services pertaining to the Mobile Television.
Information about Motorola Ventures- the investing company:
The company is responsible for making innovative products in the world of communications. Developing services, technical know how and products are some of its areas of operations. The company’s portfolio comprises:
Solutions related to Enterprise Mobility.
Infrastructure pertaining to communication
Cable modems
Mobile devices
Digitalized set tops
Accessories having Blue tooth.

It is a Fortune 100 firm, the sales of the company in the year 2007 was USD$36.6 billion. The company makes devices for the generation next.
Information about Quantum SpA- the recipient company:
The company is situated in Milan in Italy. The firm is responsible for developing innovative digital devices in the world of multimedia. It also designs softwares for the mobile, digital entertainment market. One of its landmark products includes the Quantum DVB-H Portable Television Media Players.

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