RMI Business Deal

Abstract: In this paper we will discuss about the recent business deasl made by RMI, one of the biggest independent railway information services provider in the United States of America. The company is situated in Atlanta. In February 2008, RMI announced that it would own Optimization Alternatives (OA), a transportation control system provider. OA is situated in Texas. However, RMI’s aim behind the deal is to integrate its services with OA’s world famous decision support system named as OASIS.

In February 2008, RMI announced its recent business deal. The company is going to acquire Optimization Alternatives, a Texas based company. After the completion of the deal, Optimization Alternatives will run as RMI’s fully owned subsidiary.

RMI was established in 1979 and it’s a portfolio company of the US based Carlyle Venture Partners III. It basically offers web-technology based logistics and transportation solutions to the transportation sector. Different participants in the railway industry like, the rail shippers, railcar leasing companies, barge operators etc use RMI’s services. RMI’s services helps the customers to manage different kinds of operations like, freight management, transportation and equipment management, revenue management etc.

Optimization Alternatives (OA) had been founded in 1986. It provides decision support systems and real-time control over the North American region. By using the decision support system, the inter-modal terminal operations can be run automatically. Objectives: RMI’s aim is to integrate its transport control system with OA’s decision support system, OASIS. This deal will enable the company to provide operating solutions to several segments in the railway transportation industry.

Terms and Conditions:
Optimization Alternatives will run its software development programs as it was before the deal.

The day-to-day sales of Optimization Alternatives will also be continuing.

OA’s employees will be working from their existing location.

The Director of Optimization Alternatives will be heading the company as he was doing earlier.

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