Roadlink USA Business Deal

RoadLink USA business deal is expected not only to increase the market share of RoadLink in the logistics market but also extend better services to the customers. There were several common views, which actually facilitated the acquisition. The article below reveals details about the same.
RoadLink USA on 14th February 2008 declared an acquisition, wherein RoadLink purchased WCT or West Coast Trucking. With the acquisition, it is being anticipated that intermodal trucking services will improve manifold. RoadLink USA business deal will facilitate the expansion of RoadLink’s panoramas in North America as well as in the West Coast.

Owing to the RoadLink USA business deal customers will be in a position to avail of services pertaining to “individual best-of-breed” or “end-to-end solutions.

Factor leading to the Acquisition
The target company believed in the same strategy as that of its acquiring company, RoadLink. West Coast Trucking is also of the same opinion that stress ought to be laid more on technology.
Emphasis is also laid on the fact that efficiency ought to be enhanced in all activities related to customer service. The two companies share the same model on which they function (the business functions on a solution based model). Therefore, with the RoadLink business deal, “operating efficiencies” are expected to improve.

RoadLink USA business deal is also expected to enhance profitability as well as market stake in the logistics market and in areas of “competitive transportation”.
Profile of the target company:
West Coast Trucking is based in Seattle. It is known as the leading service provider in intermodal trucking. Its services extend to regions of the Pacific Northwest of Canada as well as United States of America. The company functions as per the asset-light model. There were as many as 70 trucks at its disposal (as of 14th February, 2008), which it has procured on lease from owner operators.
Profile of the acquiring company:
RoadLink is the acquiring company and is regarded as the biggest provider of Intermodal Logistics, which is privately held in North America. The company’s expertise lies in the following areas:
Intermodal transportation
Asset management
Logistics planning
Warehouse handling
Freight handling
Distribution solutions
Integrated transportation

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