Safenet. Inc Business Deal

Safenet Inc business deal is reckoned to be a winning deal since it addresses the maladies which are corrupting electronic database world wide. With so much of piracy , the Safenet Inc business deal may prove to be an answer to the problems.
While Ingrian networks(the target company) dealt with encryption of database, Safenet Inc dealt with security related matters.

Safenet Inc-The acquiring company:
Safenet Inc founded in the year 1983 recently announced its acquisition of Ingrian Networks. Safenet Inc, looks into matters related to the safety of various networks.

It is involved in creating hardware as well as software for network security. These safety net products are widely used in different sectors of the economy. Some of the areas where the products are used include anti piracy, license management, wide area networks, security purposes, wireless networks in addition to various other applications. Financial institutions, corporations, governments and other categories of users avail of these products.
With an yearly revenue of $263 million, Safenet Inc, had acquired Eracom Technologies AG in the year 2005. The target company was involved in data encryption related software.

Ingrian Networks-The target company:
Ingrian Networks dealing with Enterprise Encryption also takes care of solutions related to database privacy. There are several companies like Dell, AIRMILES and Hyundai Motors, which have utilized Ingrian ‘s expertise in Enterprise Data Protection Solutions.

Aftermath of Safenet Inc business deal- A welcome deal:
Owing to the Safenet Inc business deal, Safenet will henceforth be able to offer “enterprise data security” not only pertaining to database but also to the server centers. The Safenet Inc business deal will make Safenet the first vendor to offer Enterprise Data Protection Solutions. It is also being predicted that owing to the Government’s renewed policies much stress is being laid on the importance of privacy pertaining to sensitive records in finances of the Government and other important institutions. Therefore, the importance of protecting database is increasingly being felt. Moreover, these days an increasing need for the encryption of information related to Social security number, credit card numbers and bank account numbers are being felt.

There are increasing number of threats making their entry into the electronic system these days. The threats lie in case of information or data either transmitted or stored in database. These maladies have to be attended to and therefore, the Safenet Inc business deal proves to be a step towards tackling threats from different quarters in the electronic world.

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