Spot Runner Inc. Business Deal

Spot Runner Inc business deal intends to refine skills pertaining to marketing strategies online. The article below throws light on the business deal between the two companies and defines their role in the process. While Spot Runner Inc deals with the various aspects of advertisements online like developing advertisement, fixing target audience and selling them, Weblistic specializes in designing marketing advertisement strategies for optimum results.
Spot Runner Inc business deal was announced on 3rd March 2008. Spot Runner Inc acquired Weblistic. The business deal between Spot Runner Inc as well as Weblistic is expected to improve Spot Runner Inc’s online advertisement tools.

Profile of the target company- Weblistic:
The company is involved in extending leads of high quality, which are cost effective too. The service provided is usually on the web and it provides marketing strategies to the local business owners by employing “search engine marketing”.

Weblistic renders assistance to the SMEs or the small and medium sized enterprises. These SMEs want to market their products but lack the expertise, do not have enough time and lack resources.
There are several instances when Weblistic has supported on line advertisement projects and delivered good returns to the business houses. It is one of the leading providers of marketing strategies on the World Wide Web.
Profile of the Spot Runner Inc.-The acquiring company:
Based in Los Angeles, the company is responsible for creating solutions along technical lines to alter the manner in which companies create, target, buy as well as sell advertisements. The company intends to fully automate many lacunae existing in the field of advertisement on the web.
Effect of the Spot Runner Inc business deal:
Spot Runner is expected to incorporate the marketing expertise of Weblistic as a result of the business deal. The main aim of the business deal is to design marketing tools in such a manner and make use of them in a way, which will appeal to new clients through as many media channels as possible, the Internet being a medium of top priority.

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