Storm Exchange Business Deal

The article below reflects the importance of the Storm Exchange. Such broad is the spectrum of its functional role as described below, the Storm Exchange business deal is rightly required to finance its multifaceted activities.
The Storm Exchange was set up in the year 2007 to offer strategies to the various business houses so that they could overcome the ill effects of volatility in the dynamic market conditions. As of March 5th, 2008 there was a declaration from the company officials that Storm Exchange received as much as $7.2 million as investment from few firms dealing with private equity.

Among them, the main investors were RRE Ventures and Vernock Associates. The financing or the investment was done as part of the expansion plans of Storm Exchange.

Company information- Storm Exchange and its area of business:
The main objective of setting up Storm Exchange was work up on the market, which dealt with risk management in volatile weather and chalking out solutions to handle the same.

With every passing day several companies are being listed on the stock exchange. These companies get impacted in a negative manner if the weather conditions are not conducive. More number of companies means greater volatility. In order to tame such conditions, Storm Exchange has developed the following:
500 weather indices
Hedging solutions
Tools for weather risk analysis

Business managers are subjected to immense uncertainty owing to the high degree of volatility, which makes conditions very difficult for predicting the market conditions. Just as there are strategies to minimize the ill effects of rising inflation and fluctuating exchange rates, Storm Exchange is capable of insulating different companies from the undulations of the capital markets and offer protective strategies for these companies.
Storm Exchange is active in industries like:
Manufacturing markets
Retail markets
Agricultural sector
Construction industry


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