Tesla Motors Business Deal

In the most recent business deal of Tesla Motors, the company received a huge funding of $40 million. Valor Equity Partners and Elon Musk invested this huge sum in Tesla Motors.Tesla Motors Business Deals refer to the business deals made by Tesla Motors.
Here, by Business Deals we mean all kinds of deals including Mergers, Acquisitions, IPOs (Initial Public Offering) and large Investments.In this respect, we can say that the most recent Business Deal of Tesla Motors was announced on 20th February 2008.

This announcement revealed that, Tesla Motors received huge funding from Valor Equity Partners and Elon Musk.

Profile of Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors manufactures exceptional electric vehicles, which are of high standard both in respect of efficiency and performance.
Moreover, the cars made by Tesla Motors fulfill all the environmental standard, safety and durability standards of USA.

Details of the Deal
This investment deal was finalized through a special round of meeting, attended by Valor Equity Partners, Elon Musk and the Chairman of Tesla Motors.

Through this business deal, Tesla Motors achieved huge investment worth $40 million. Valor Equity Partners and Elon Musk invested this huge amount in Tesla Motors. The fund that Tesla Motors received through this business deal will be used in following purposes:
For developing a sports sedan, which will accommodate five passengers
For establishing company’s own service infrastructure and sales infrastructure
For continuing the production of Tesla Roadstar, which is a stylish, zero emissions car
It can be mentioned here, that, Tesla Motors has the plan of introducing the new sports sedan by the year 2010. Other than the above-discussed special objectives, Tesla Motors can use the funding in other areas too. As Tesla Motors has now concentrated on improving the sales capability and service capability of the company, the funds can be used for opening more stores and more service centers.

At present, Tesla Motors is accepting orders for the 2009 model of Tesla Roadstar. So, in manufacturing these cars also, the investment can be used.

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