Ubiquisys Ltd. Business Deal

In this paper we will discuss about the business deals made by the Ubiquisys Ltd. In 2004, T-Mobile Venture Fund planned to invest in Ubiquisys to develop femtocells, a communication device. Atlas Venture, Accel Partners and Advent Venture Partners also joined with T- Mobile Venture Fund.
In 2006, Ubiquisys made an agreement with Sony UK Technology Center for ZoneGate system. In March 2004, Ubiquisys Ltd. announced their business deal with T-Mobile Venture Fund which is run by T-Venture, a division of Deutsche Telekom. Ubiquisys Ltd. is a world wide leader of 3G femtocells.

The original investors, other than T-Mobile, who joined in the deal were Atlas Venture, Accel Partners and Advent Venture Partners.Femtocell, originally named as Access Point Base Station, is basically a tiny size consumer device which connects the broadband lines with the home PCs.
Mobile users get benefit from femtocell’s high-speed 3G coverage. It also reduces the cost of the mobiles. The Ubiquisys planned to produce femtocell jointly with Sony Technium.
Several big companies, namely, NEC, Siemens Networks, Nokia etc, were working as a partner with Ubiquisys. T-Mobile’s strategic investment helped Ubiquisys’ to launch femtocell in the market by the end of this year (2008).

Ubiquisys had shown all the qualities to be a leader in the area of femtocell production. T-Mobile Venture Fund made their investment to develop an unique software along with Ubiquisys which would facilitate femtocell-ready applications.

In 2006, Ubiquisys signed in a manufacturing agreement with Sony UK Technology Center for ZoneGate system. The main aim of Ubiquisys, behind the deal was to sell its miniature cellular base station in the market by utilizing Sony’s efficiencies in the area of electronic goods production.

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