NoblePeak Vision Business Deal

NoblePeak Vision Business Deal – An Overview
NoblePeak Vision Corporation struck a deal with Chart Venture Partners whose official announcement was made on 5th March 2008. NoblePeak Vision Business Deal has helped the company to raise a whooping US$12 million through Series B stock financing.

NoblePeak Vision Business Deal – Investors

There are 3 investors who are involved in raising capital. They are:-
Chart Venture Partners – new and the most important investor
Matrix Partners – old and original investor
Northbridge Venture Partners – old and original investor
NoblePeak Vision Business Deal – Utility
Available fund of US$12 million would be utilized for launching its new and advanced night vision technology in the commercial market. At present, NoblePeak Vision is booking orders for one of its latest high-resolution product NPV700.
This whooping fund amount of twelve million US dollars would also be used to develop camera for OEM partners. It is scheduled to be supplied during the 3rd quarter of the year 2008.
NoblePeak Vision Business Deal – Market Analysis
The night vision product, due to be launched by NoblePeak Vision, is basically a high performance gadget and facilitates its users in clear imaging during night. The governments mainly buy these gadgets for military purposes.
Unique selling Proposition of this high-resolution gadget lies in its comparative low costing.
Excess demand has been witnessed for the night vision product NPV700. The main reasons associated with this oversubscription are: –

Higher clarity of image during night time than its peers
Application of cutting-edge technology, much ahead of other contemporary products
Comparatively low price

NoblePeak Vision Business Deal would help the company to develop as well as produce high quality gadgets meant for night vision. Winding in Chart Venture Partners as a partner was a strategic move by NoblePeak Vision because it would help them to utilize the extensive knowledge and experience of Chart in the military product producing market.

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