Business Administration

Business administration denotes the processes of managing the business operations or the performance of the organization. Business administration can also be said as the practice of making full use of all the available resources in a wise way. All these activities are done to ensure the rapid but steady development of the business or the organization and to achieve good position in the world market.
The modern business sector is full of challenges and one needs to meet those challenges in order to sustain. Today, every business needs proper leadership qualities of the managers to develop. For the purpose the managers should be well trained and should have enough experience about the business sector. At the same time, the managers of the businesses should know the process of mingling the theories and the practical situations perfectly.

The Business Administration programs of the b-schools are designed to develop all the necessary qualities in the would be managers. The business administration courses include all the business theories and practices that are in fashion. On the other hand the courses also teach about several business laws that are very necessary for the managers. The courses develops the management qualities. Several subjects are taught under this course.

Subjects that are taught are as follows:
Human Resources
Organizational Behavior
Ethics In Management
Critical Analytical Thinking
Global Context of Management
Managerial Finance
Strategic Leadership
Information Technology
Managing Groups & Teams
Managerial Accounting
Modeling for Optimization & Decision Support
Non-Market Strategy
Financial Accounting
Data Analysis & Decision Making
Accounting Information
The business administration or MBA courses offer several other subjects to concentrate upon. The students of these courses selects a particular subject and concentrates upon that. Some of the subjects that are offered for this purpose are the following:
Global Management
Information Technology
Organizational Behavior
Public Management
Managerial Economics
Political Economics
Strategic Management
Human Resources

The best Business Administration schools in US are as follows:
University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Duke University
Columbia University
Cornell University
University of Virginia
Stanford University
University of Texas (Austin)
University of California (Berkeley)
New York University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Dartmouth College
Xavier University
Indiana University (Bloomington)
Harvard University
University of California (Los Angeles)


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