Barclays Business Banking

Barclays business banking services provide excellent opportunity to the business-owners. The Barclays business banking offers a wide range of products that are designed according to the need of various businesses. These innovative products are crafted with expertise to help different businesses to grow very rapidly.

The products and services offered by the Barclays business banking are categorized according to the turnover of the business.

These categories are as follows:
Turnover less than 1m
Turnover 1m to 20m
Turnover above 20m

Products and services of Barclays business banking for any business having turnover of less than 1m are as follows:
Current accounts
Savings accounts
Cash Flow Management
Credit And Charge Cards
Payment Processing
Business Insurance
Stakeholder Pensions
International Banking

Barclays business banking services that are offered to the clients with turnover from 1m to 20m
Online Banking
Raising Finance
Savings and Investments
Trading Internationally
Card Services

Services and solution that are offered to the clients with turnover of more than 20m
Leveraged Finance
Structured Project Finance
Private Finance Initiatives
Asset and Sales Finance
Local Authority Unit
Student Accommodation Finance
Trade & Cash Solutions
Risk Management
All these programs are very helpful to ensure the proper growth of the business. It also makes sure that the business is not short of finance. Apart from all these services the Barclays business banking offers several other services that can be very helpful for the clients. The local business managers of the Barclays bank helps the client to evaluate the present business condition and also in finding out the ways of that can stimulate the development of the business. The Barclays business banking services also help the client to learn about the factors like maintaining proper cash flow in the business. On the other hand, the online and phone banking facilities of the bank are very helpful for the clients. The Barclays business banking provides the client with the opportunities to attend different seminars on marketing conducted by the experts of the field and these seminars are very helpful in shaping the business of the client. At the same time, the bank provides valuable suggestions regarding the tax management and also on the legal matters.

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Last Updated on : 29th July 2013

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