Commonwealth Business Bank

Commonwealth Business Bank is located in the United States of America. The services of this bank is provided to all irrespective of culture or ethnicity. Commonwealth Business Bank works with the aim of creating value for its staff, customers, shareholders and the community in general.
This commercial bank was established on 9th March, 2005. The headquarters of this bank is located in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Wun Hwa Choi is the present CEO and President of the Commonwealth Business Bank. Business solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank provides financial products after knowing the type of business of their customers. These products help in business growth. The bank acts as the business partner of their customers.

The Relationship Manager interacts with the customers in order to understand their business needs and then provides solutions accordingly.

The Business Lending solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank are the following:
SBA Loans
Equipment Finance Loans
Construction Loans
Commercial Real Estate Loans
Lines of Credit
Term Loans

The Business Banking solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank are as follows:
Business Savings
Business Money Market
Business Analysis
Business Checking

Personal solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank are catered to according to the personal and individual needs of the customers. The bank works with their customers in the capacity of a personal adviser. Here also, a Relationship Manager would listen to the personal financial needs of the clients and provide solutions accordingly. The Personal Lending solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank are the following:
Personal Loans
Mortgage Loans
Home Equity Term Loans and Home Equity Lines

The Personal Banking solutions of Commonwealth Business Bank are as follows:
Time Deposits
Personal Savings
Personal Money Market
Personal Checking

Other services of the bank are as follows:
Wire Transers
Treasury, Tax and Loan Payments
Traveler’s Checks
Telephone Banking
Safe Deposit Boxes
Public Funds Depository
Notary Public
Medallion Signature Guarantee
Internet Banking
Debit Card
Credit Card
Money Orders / Bank Checks

Contact details of Commonwealth Business Bank:
Wilshire Center
5055 Wilshire Boulevard, #100, Los Angeles, California 90036
Telephone: 323-988-3000
Fax: 323-988-3004

Downtown Center
1001 S. Towne Ave., #201, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Telephone: 213-808-5000
Fax: 213-808-5001

Telephone Banking: 877-591-2265 / 591-Bank

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