Free Business Banking

At present, free business banking services are provided by a number of reputed banking institutions all over the world. Free business banking services refer to those business banking services, where no transaction costs are charged from the customers.
In addition, free business banking services also offer a number of other benefits to the business owners. These benefits are offered to the customers in order to draw more customers and work out as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the business banks.

Usually, business banking deals with two types of accounts, and they are the following:
Business savings accounts
Business checking accounts

Besides these accounts and plans, business banking also offers a number of other services to the business owners, which include the following:

Borrowing services: Mortgage loans, business loans or commercial loans, commercial loan insurance plan, and working capital requirements
Investment services: Short term investment programs, long term investment programs, retirement planning, and daily investments
Cash management

Free business banking offers the following benefits to the entrepreneurs:
No requirement of the monthly maintenance charge
Free of cost online banking services
Free account management services
Free business checking accounts
Free of cost overdraft services
Free business banking services for a specific period of time (say, 2 years)
No standard transaction charges
Free legal and taxation advice
Free of cost business guidance services over the Internet
Free Debit Cards and Debit Card payments
Free of cost monthly accounts statements
No monthly service charges
Free of cost standing orders, direct debits, and bill payments

Small and start-up businesses find the free business banking services quite useful because those services help them in many ways and offer them numerous financial benefits.

The leading providers of free business banking include the following:
Bank of America
Alliance Leicester Commercial Bank
Compass Bank
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
Abbey National plc
Washington Mutual
Liberty Bank
Anchor Bank
Sovereign Bank
Lloyds TSB

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