Gateway Business Bank

Gateway Business Bank (GBB) is a subsidiary of and wholly owned by Gateway Bancorp. Gateway Bancorp is bank holding company located in California, USA. The Gateway Business Bank is California Department of Financial Institutions chartered bank.
The deposit accounts of the customers of this bank are insured by the FDIC or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Gateway Business Bank was previously named as the Bank of Lakewood. GBB provides its banking services to mainly to the general public, small and medium size business concerns and to professionals in Southern California.

The business banking services of Gateway Business Bank are provided both to new and established business concerns. There are various kinds of checking accounts on offer. They are as follows:

Gateway Plus Business Checking
Gateway Basic Business Checking
Gateway Analyzed Business Checking

The following are the business savings accounts of Gateway Business Bank:
Gateway Regular Savings
Gateway Money Market

The commercial loan department of Gateway Business Bank provides loans to the customers.

The financing services that this bank specializes in are the following:
Buying commercial real estate
Acquisition and development of land
Inventory expansion
Income property investment
Express business loans
Purchase of equipments
Developing expenses of industrial projects
Construction financing
Construction improvements
Debt consolidation
Commercial real estate loans
Commercial line of credit for professionals and businesses
Cash management
Business relocation loans
Business expansion loans
Purchasing buildings
Building improvements

Personal banking services of Gateway Business Bank are also provided.

The checking accounts for personal loans are as follows:
Gateway Golden Checking
Gateway Personal Checking
Gateway NOW Account

The following are the savings accounts of the personal banking services:
IRA Savings
Gateway Regular Savings
Gateway Money Market

The certificates of deposits of Gateway Business Bank are available as Jumbo CDs, Regular CDs and IRA CDs.
Contact details of Gateway Business Bank:
4146 Woodruff Avenue
Lakewood, Ca 90713
Phone: (562) 627-9800
Fax: (562) 627-9801

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