Indiana Business Bank

Indiana Business Bank was established in 2004. the bank is a dedicated service provider to businesses in the state of Indiana, USA. This bank provides a wide variety of personal loans, commercial loans, deposit accounts insured by FDIC and cash management solutions.
Indiana Business Bank aims to establish strong professional relationship with its clients. The present CEO and President of this bank is Mr. James S. Young. Business banking services of Indiana Business Bank provides technology, services and products of the top bracket to their customers.

The bank provides traditional business services like savings accounts and checking accounts. Besides, it also provides other innovational products and services. Of them, mention must be made of Courier Direct. This is a courier service provided for free by this bank to its business customers. Business Online Banking is another of the services of Indiana Business Bank which enables the customers of the bank to access their accounts at any point of time.

The credit services of Indiana Business Bank are the following:
SBA Loans
Business Credit Line
Visa Business Card
Construction Loans
Real Estate Loans
Equipment Financing
Working Capital Financing
Cash management services of Indiana Business Bank are the following:
Electronic Funds Transfer Services
Accounts Receivable Services
Accounts Payable Services
Deposit Services
The business services of Indiana Business Bank are the following:
Wire Transfers
Federal and State Tax Payment Services
Image Service
Business Bill Pay
Business Online Banking

Personal banking services of Indiana Business Bank are offered to the local professionals and business owners. The bank provides a Total Access ATM service which enables ATM services to the customers for free even if the ATM is not owned by this bank.

The products and services of the personal banking segment of the Indiana Business Bank are as follows:
Convenience Services
Credit Services
Savings Accounts
Checking Accounts

Mortgage lending services of Indiana Business Bank are very customer friendly.

The residential mortgage loan programs of Indiana Business Bank are as follows:
Fixed Second Mortgages
100% Financing Programs
First Time Homebuyers
Equity Bridge Loans
Construction / Renovation
Jumbo, Conventional ARMS and Interest-Only Products
Contact details of Indiana Business Bank:
Indiana Business Bank
250 E. 96th Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3781
Phone: (317) 218-2180
Fax: (317) 218-2187

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