Bank of Ireland Business Banking

The Bank of Ireland was established in 1783. The Bank of Ireland Business Banking service is a part of the different services that are provided by the bank. The business banking service is designed for the business sector and is meant to provide timely assistance to the sector.
The business banking program of the Bank of Ireland is divided in three parts.
These are as follows:
Services for starting a business
Services for an existing business
Providing necessary funds for the business

The Bank of Ireland Business Banking service provides several plans for those who are about to start a new business.

The bank offers all their experience and expertise to the client. The business start up package of the bank offers a number of options to the clients. A number of current accounts are provided for the purpose and some of the services care provided without any charge.
The start up package of the Bank of Ireland Business Banking also provides several small loans for the purpose. In certain cases, the administration fees are reduced. The program also offers guidance and suggestions for the beginners. At the same time, there are certain companies that are working with the bank and these companies provide a number of discounted offers to the beginners who are having a current account for business start up purpose in the bank.

On the other hand, the Bank of Ireland Business Banking service offers several products for the existing businesses. Through these services, the bank aims at providing innovative plans for the development of the business and also helps in maintaining the everyday work of the businesses. For the purpose the Bank of Ireland Business Banking offers business current accounts and business electronic current accounts to help the banking needs of the clients. Apart from these, the pension plans and the business deposit options also provide enough assistance to the business-owners.

Apart from these services, the bank also offers several other product to provide financial assistance to the business-sector. These are small business loans, online business, loan for business development, practice development loan and asset finance loan. Commercial cards and commercial mortgages are also provided by the bank.
Contact Details
Tel: +353 1 604 3501
Fax: +353 1 661 5105

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