Bank of Scotland Business Banking

Bank of Scotland Business Banking is a segment of the Bank of Scotland. The Bank of Scotland or BOS is owned by the HBOS Group. The services of Bank of Scotland are provided through three major segments: Business Banking, Corporate Banking and Personal Banking.
The new business services of Bank of Scotland Business Banking provides quick finances to people looking to start new businesses. The bank understands the importance of finance in starting a new business. The new business services and products of this bank are designed to meet typical business needs.

The Relationship Managers of Bank of Scotland Business Banking are entrusted with the duty of advising and helping the customers with their individual needs. Business Current Account of Bank of Scotland Business Banking can be applied for by every kind of small business owners.

Transaction charges will not be required for the first year if one is starting a business. The Deposit Accounts of Bank of Scotland Business Banking are available in a wide range.
The E-Business Deposit Account provides a high rate of interest. Business loans and overdrafts for starting a business of this bank can be obtained in a hassle-free manner.

Business financing services of Bank of Scotland Business Banking can be availed of in order to meet the various business needs. The need for working capital can be managed by making use of the overdrafts of this bank. Customers having a Business Current Account in this bank can receive an overdraft in real quick time even over the phone. A wide variety of loan are also provided for the purpose of business financing. Both business loans and discounted business loans are available at the Bank of Scotland. Business Banking Offset helps in saving a lot of money. Money can be raised on outstanding invoices through Cashflow Finance services of this bank. Cash for running business can be raised in this process. Asset finance services are also provided by Bank of Scotland Business Banking seasonal reduced payments and deferred payment options.

Business Management services of Bank of Scotland Business Banking are provided with the aim of facilitating easy and efficient acceptance of cards at competitive rates. The bank also offers Payroll and HR solutions and various exporting and importing advice. The bank also provides a wide range of pension services. The Insurance services of Bank of Scotland Business Banking include Halifax Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance and SafeGuard.
Contact details of Bank of Scotland Business Banking:
The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ
PH: 0845 300 0268 (Existing customers)
PH: 0845 606 0286 (New customers)

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