Suntrust Business Banking

Suntrust business banking provides wide range of services for the clients. Deposit, trust, investment and credit services are provided by the bank for the business sector. The bank provides customized services like checking and savings account, credit cards, online banking service and many more to the small businesses.
All these products are designed to meet various banking need of the businesses.

The Suntrust business banking provides these following services to the clients:

Through this service the bank provides accounts designed for various checking activities. The accounts are designed to meet the needs of small business activities. For the purpose, low-maintenance account, accounts with advanced features and many more are offered. Several types of business checking are Free Business Checking, Select Business Checking, Total Business Banking, Analyzed Business Checking, Additional Products and Services,Business Check Card.
The savings accounts provided by the Suntrust business banking services are designed to help small businesses so that they can get their financial goals quite easily. For the purpose, the bank offers business savings, CDs and accounts for money market. Various accounts that are offered by the Suntrust business banking are Premium Business Interest Account, Business Savings Account, Business Money Market Account, Business Money Market Performance Account and many more. All these accounts provide different services. Some of these provides good interest rate and return and the others offer the option of safe investment.

Treasury Management:
This service provides the opportunity to manage the working capital of the business effectively. All the necessary tools and suggestions are offered by the bank for the purpose. This facility helps in reducing the production cost and increasing profits for the small businesses. It also helps in maintaining the cash flow. The tools offered by the bank manages every type of payables and receivables and the cash position of the businesses.

The Suntrust business banking also offers several card products. These products are very effective in dealing with business expenditures. This tool is very flexible and helps in checking the everyday expenses of the business.

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Last Updated on : 29th July 2013

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