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The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is an age old organization and was established on 9th may 1850. In its journey of 157 years, the organization has developed manyfold and simultaneously it caused the manyfold development of the business sector of the region.
The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization. At present the member strength of the Chamber is almost 2000 businesses that includes micro-businesses to the multinational companies. The Chamber is managed by a group of professional persons and the there are numerous volunteers to perform the day to day work of the Chamber.

Almost 40% members of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce are those businesses that employs nearly 1-5 employees. At the same time, there are several companies that are the Chamber’s member and at present providing employment to more than 500 employees.
For this diverse range of members, the Chamber arranges all sort of facilities which help these businesses to grow rapidly. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce provides several types of services.
Among these there are the direct business referrals and networking opportunities provided for the rapid development of the business. At the same time, the chamber also assist the members sales and marketing of their business which can make the business well known. If any kind of technological support is needed, the company also arranges that for the member businesses. There are several members who are in the Chamber to take advantage of these programs.

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce also encourages the partnerships because the Chamber believes that jointly the development would be rapid. At the same time, the Chamber with its huge number of members, influences the legislative decisions related to the business sector of the region. This is helping the businesses and at the same time, stimulating the economic development of the state. The Chamber is also providing several services to promote the Biotechnology firms in the state. Along with this, the Chamber is trying to attract the environmental technology investors in the region.
Contact Details
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
235 Montgomery Street, 12th Floor. San Francisco , CA 94104
Telephone: 415-392-4520
Fax: 415-392.0485

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