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Business information plays a significant role in the global business and economic scenario. Accurate and timely business information contributes to the success of a business enterprise to a substantial extent. Business information is regarded as one of the three principal sections of the global information industry.
The other two sections are Educational and Training Content (Information) and Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) Content. At present, the industry of business information is dealing with approximately 400 billion U.S. dollars as per the data provided by reputed industry analyst, Outsell Incorporated. Business information market forms one of the most important segments of the worldwide financial market.

In case of content industry, the major portion of the revenues generated is driven by advertisements. Nevertheless, the business information section of the information industry is driven through paid content to a significant degree, either with the help of transaction (pay per view) or subscription.

Usually, business information are available in the following principal forms:
Information Technology Research
Market Research
Credit and Financial Information
Company and Executive Profiles
Industry, Country and Economic Analysis

The usage of business information is becoming more and more far-flung day by day. Business information works as a very important tool for the financial markets.

In addition, business information is also utilized in the following domains:
Competitive Intelligence
Sales and Marketing
Strategic Planning
Human Resources
Other Strategic Business Operations
At present, the number of business information providers has surpassed 200. With the advent of Internet, the business information providers are finding it much more easy to supply the content to the users in a direct manner.

For the convenience of the customers and industry, a potential market is there for the collector of business information content, which offers a variety of business information packages for meeting the workflow of the customer or industry.

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