Business License

A business license can be defined as a legal document that provides a person the permission to carry out business in a particular business. The business licenses are issued with the purpose of protecting the interests of the general public.
License bureaus are the authorities that are entrusted with the duty of issuing business licenses. The requirements of business license or business permit must be fulfilled or otherwise, a person may have to pay penalties.

The business license departments of cities must be contacted in order to know the correct procedure of getting a business license. After filling up a business license application form, the city zoning departments check out as to whether the area chosen for business is zoned according to the purpose for which the area will be utilized for business.
A local business license is required in case of owners of small businesses. These licenses are either county license or municipal license. A business license fee is charged in some cities. These fees are normally quite low.

A state business license is required for some types of businesses. The businesses that deal in services and products that fall under the jurisdiction of state laws need state business licenses. Building contractors, private investigators, auto mechanics, realtors, doctors, hair dressers, lawyers, restaurants serving alcohol and other such professionals require a state business license.

Local licensing authorities are the sources of information for procedure of filling license application forms and required documents required to be submitted.

Federal business licenses are required in order to carry out businesses that are strictly regulated by the federal government. Inter-state trucking companies, companies that offer investment advise, meat preparing companies and other such companies require federal license. In order to carry out retail business, a sales tax license is mandatory.

The requirements of business licenses can be different. The products that are sold by companies also decide the type of license requirements. Business license is thus a very important aspect that needs to be dealt with in order to continue business.

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