Business Opportunity

Business opportunity is also commonly known as bizzop or biz-op. A business opportunity entails the selling or leasing of any commodity, equipment, service, and many others, which enables the buyer-licensee to start a business.

Normally, the seller or licenser of a business opportunity announces that he will help or assure the purchaser to find an appropriate location or supply the commodity to the buyer-licensee. This is not similar to the selling process of a business, which is independent in nature. In this type of business, there is no requirement of a continuous association with the seller.

Sometimes, the customers find it difficult to instantly locate the company offering business opportunity with the help of a toll-free telephone number. Nevertheless, the companies use numerous 1-800 numbers, and a separate number is used for every area for which the company is advertising. It is advisable that the consumers be a little bit more cautious about the selection of the company and be aware of its location.

One of the most basic forms of business opportunity is the selling of bulk vending machines by a company and the assurance given by that company to find appropriate locations for the machines. The buyer counts on the company to search for those locations, where a substantial number of products can be sold, the expenses can be recovered, and a profit can be made.

The government plays an important role in the regulation of the operations of business opportunity companies because of a number of instances where many biz-ops were involved in fraudulent practices, or have not met their promises, or profits were not up to the expectation of the investor.

In many instances, multi-level marketing (MLM) is represented in the form of a business opportunity.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States takes action against deceitful business opportunity companies.
The business opportunities are usually offered in the following forms:
Work From Home
Check Cashing Services
Home Job
Coffee Franchises
Credit Card Services
Financial Services
Completely Turnkey
Fitness Franchises
Franchise Chains
From Home Jobs
Greeting Cards
Hair Cut Franchise
Home Based Opportunity
Home Businesses
Highest Paying Affiliates
Home Work For Moms
Hottest Opportunities
How To Make Money
Internet Options
Juice Bar Franchise
Low Startup Cost
MLM Networks
Opportunity Seekers
Make Money From Home
Make Money Working
Mortgage Programs
Opportunities For Women
Part Time Business
Prospective Leads
Real Estate Programs
Retail Franchise
Small Business Franchises
Small Business Ideas
Smoothie Franchise
Top 10 Franchises
Top Associate Systems
Video Franchise
Travel Agents
Travel Franchise
Turnkey Franchise
Unique Opportunity
Wholesale Opportunities
Work At Home

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