E-Commerce and Small Business

When the strategies of E-Commerce and small business are mixed together, it may turn into a prospective business option. As more and more people are starting to use internet, the small online business is becoming popular. E-Commerce and small business make a good pair of business option.
A number of small businesses have started providing e-commerce services. Handling an e-commerce small business has a number of benefits. The capital investment in such businesses is much lesser than other businesses.

Starting an E-Commerce Small Business
While starting for an e-commerce small business, the first step is to design the office or store. The next step includes designing and developing professional looking website with user friendly features. Having a relevant and easy-to-remember domain name is also necessary to develop the website. The site should be optimized properly in the search engines in order to make it popular.

There should be a well maintained catalog of products in the website. The users visiting the site should find it easy to make a choice and then order for particular product or service. The businesses also need to maintain a master database of existing products and services they are offering.

Payment Mode in E-Commerce Small Business
To make the e-commerce small business popular and successful, the business should support 24-7 toll-free phone support, 24-7 email support and extensive online help. The system should be able to accept credit card payment, debit card payment and other online payment transactions. The business should also install credit card verification and validation tools. The business needs to have a merchant account provider (MAP) that allows the business to accept credit cards over the web. It also needs a credit card clearinghouse service supporting MAP service. It is also important to notice that whether the web storefront software or the shopping cart software of the business is compatible with the credit card clearing service.

Shipping Service in E-Commerce Small Business
The e-commerce small businesses need to give great emphasis on the shipping processes and delivery services. Most of the companies generally use the major carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. The business needs to set the shipping rates according to weight, location and also on the price of the item. Tax rates charged may vary with country, state or zip code.
Data Security in E-Commerce Small Business
The e-commerce small business needs to give importance on data security and data protection. It has to ensure that all the transactions carried on the site are protected. Usually the security measure is applied by implementing various tools like cryptography, including encryption, digital certificates, secure protocols and digital signatures and notarization.

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Last Updated on : 29th July 2013

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