Small Business Merchant Account

Small business merchant account is that type of account in which credit card payments from the customers are credited. The small business merchant accounts are quite useful for the owners of small businesses. The small business merchant accounts reduce the payment processing costs to a substantial extent.
A small business remains incomplete without a small business merchant account. Small business merchant accounts enable the small business proprietors to deal in a number of overseas transactions also. These specific types of merchant accounts are known as offshore business merchant accounts.

With the help of small business merchant accounts, credit card payments can be accepted both online and offline. Usually, the small business merchant bank accounts are available in two types, credit card present and credit card not present.

Small business merchant accounts are really beneficial for those businesses that are small scale businesses, operating from home, dealing with mail orders, or functioning online.
The payment solutions offered by small business merchant accounts enable the small business proprietors to maximize their cash flow, decrease their collection risk, and serve their customers in a better way with the help of a comprehensive range of suitable payment options.
The different types of payment solutions offered by small business merchant accounts can be categorized into the following types:
Payment processing
Electronic check service
Electronic gift cards
Currency conversion facilities
Point of Sale (POS) Terminals (These terminals can be purchased straightaway or taken on a lease)

The advantages offered by small business merchant accounts include the following:
Competitive fees and discount rates
Orders can be received from any place of the world via telephone, mail, or Internet
No minimum monthly fee
No termination fee
No monthly processing limits
Assistance for fraud prevention
Various payment products according to the business requirements
Quick and safe transaction authorization
Online account reporting
Exact funding and closure
All time customer support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The leading financial services providers which provide small business merchant accounts include the following:
Merchant America
Easystore Creator
LaSalle Bank
Accept by Phone

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Last Updated on : 29th July 2013

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