Business Sales Tax

The business sales tax is levied on the purchase of commodities and various services. There is no provision of any kind of sales tax at the national level in the United States. The State governments in the country are responsible for imposing the business sales taxes on different products.
The business sales tax rate is different in every state because every individual state in US has the right to create their own sales tax rate structure. Apart from the states, the counties are also allowed to impose the business sales tax according to their own tax rate structure. The local and the state sales tax are paid unitedly by the customers at time of buying that particular commodity or service on which the tax is levied.

On the other hand, there are certain states in the country that do not use these rights of imposing business sales tax. These states are New Hampshire, Hawaii, Oregon, Montana and Delaware. At the same time, the counties in these states are allowed to impose local sales tax.

The business sales tax structure of some states of US:
Alabama: The State levies 4% as sales tax. The counties of the state are allowed to impose local sales tax which should not be more than 6% of the manufacturing price of the commodity.
Alaska: The state has no sales tax although the counties of the state imposes the local sales tax.

California: The State of California imposes sales tax at of 7.25%. At the same time the local sales tax imposed by the counties can go up to 8.75%.

Florida: The state imposes 6% as sales tax. An additional 1.5% can be levied by the counties as the local tax.

Hawaii: The state does not imposes any kind of sales tax rather it imposes the excise tax.

Texas: The State imposes 6.25% as sales tax but the tax may go up to 8.25% because of the local sales taxes.

Washington: Washington imposes 6.5% as sales tax. An additional local tax ranges from 0.7%-2.4% is also added in the tax.

Wyoming: Sales tax in the state of Wyoming consists of 4% state tax and a local tax of 2%.

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