Business Technology Optimization

Business technology optimization or BTO is a procedure of information technology management that helps in development of business and reduces expenditure. BTO ensures that the money invested in development and meeting production needs, resource allocation and IT results in fulfillment of the business goals.
The resources and money spent on IT are allocated correctly by making use of business technology optimization. The efficiency and usefulness of IT can also be measured through BTO. Business technology optimization can be best classified as a software product. BTO enhances to the maximum the strategic functions that exist between business and technology.

IT is very important in terms of bringing improvements to business and the functions and nuances of information technology can be best managed through BTO. To state a few of the functions of BTO helps in testing new distributions of SAP, portfolio management, project management, bringing down the time required in repairing custom J2EE applications.

Some of the functions of BTO software are as follows:
Data center management
Systems management
Application management
Performance, availability and quality of application
Change management
Project portfolio management
IT governance

BTO helps in finding out the efficiency with which the IT systems used in business are working. Profit maximization is another of the important aims of business technology optimization. The business requirements should be brought in line with technology.

Some of the companies selling BTO softwares are as follows:
BMC Software
IBM Software
Whittman Hart
Sun Microsystems

Business technology optimization creates value for IT investments. In the enterprise testing stage, BTO helps in quality improvement and cost reduction. In the product tuning stage, BTO optimizes performance of applications and reduces costs. In the performance management stage, it helps in improving levels of service, resolution of speed problems. The good companies use business technology optimization in order to bring about permanent improvements to business.

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Last Updated on : 29th July 2013

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