Committee on Capital Market Regulation

Twenty five members have formed the Committee on Capital Market Regulation (CCMR). This bipartisan group works as an independent concern. The Committee on Capital Market Regulations consists of leaders from different fields like investors, finance, business, law, academia and accounting.
This committee was formed in 2006. The director of this committee is Professor Hal S. Scott. The committee also chairs notable people like Glenn Hubbard and John L. Thornton. The interim report published by the Capital Market Regulation Committee on the 302th of November, 2006, stresses on the need of inculcating competitiveness in the capital markets of America.

The committee has chosen four key areas of reforming the capital markets and has offered 32 recommendations. These recommendations are aimed towards increasing competitiveness in the capital markets of the U.S.

The Committee on Capital Market Regulations (CCMR) carries out researches on the capital market regulations. The rights of the shareholders are also looked into and in addition to that, this committee would also look into the competitiveness of derivatives markets and mutual funds.
Based on all these researching activities, the committee makes reports and policy recommendations on increasing American capital market efficiency and competitiveness.

This committee believes that excessive regulations should not be imposed on the U.S. Capital markets. This would result in increased competitiveness of the country’s capital markets. The committee policies are aimed at achieving a balance between the costs of litigations and regulations and the benefits of those two. The committee also recommends measures suitable for increasing the confidence of investors in the capital market through increasing the rights of the shareholders. Another of the recommendations of the Committee on Capital Market Regulation is to suggest to the Securities and Exchange Commission of America to undertake a more risk based process of regulation.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has gone a long way in reestablishing confidence of investors in the capital market. The contact details of the Committee on Capital Market Regulations are as follows:

Committee on Capital Markets Regulation
Abbreviation CCMR
Formation 2006
Type nonpartisan research
Purpose Improving regulation of U.S. Capital Markets
Headquarters 125 Mt. Auburn St., Third Floor
Location Cambridge, MA
Key people Hal S. Scott, Director, Glenn Hubbard, Co-Chair John L. Thornton, Co-Chair


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