Major Capital Market Companies

Major capital market companies of the world are doing a flourishing business. Many investment banking and brokerage companies provide capital market services to their clients. Wanchova Securities provides top class capital market services.
This company provides corporate advisory services, private capital, advice on acquisitions, risk management services, equity investing, asset and mortgage backed securities, and underwriting services. Genuity Capital Markets is a private firm providing capital market services independently in Canada.

The investment banking services of this company includes facilitating acquisitions and mergers, providing financial restructuring services and dishing out corporate finance. Private Capital Market Corporation facilitates services like venture capital financing, growth financing, recapitalizations, business sales, private placements, and management buyouts. This investment bank is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission.
The firm works in close collaboration with their clients in order to satisfy their financial needs.
Viteos Capital Market Services processes securities and provides various fund services. Intermediaries in the capital market like asset managers, investment banks, brokers, and financial information service providers benefit from the services of this company.
NCB Capital Markets specializes in wealth and asset management services. This Jamaican company provides products and services like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and wealth access. Investors in the stock market having long term and medium term goals can benefit from the services of this company.

Another of the major capital market companies is Louis Capital Markets. This brokerage firm has an enviable global footing. This company was established in New York in 1999. Cash equity, research, and execution of commodities and foreign exchange business are the chief concerns of this company.

Samco Capital Market is an investment bank established in 1987. This company has expertise in corporate finance, bank development, municipal finance, and securities securities. The company also trades in fixed income securities. The consultation services on mortgage buying provided by the company are of the first order.

ORIX Capital Markets is owned by ORIX USA Corporation. They have products like asset backed securities, synthetic credit products, structured real estate and financing transactions, and high yield municipal securities.

Some other important capital market companies are Loop Capital Markets, SBI Capital Markets, and PNC Capital Markets.

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Last Updated on : 20th July 2016

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