Greenwich Capital Markets

The Greenwich Capital Market is also known as RBS Greenwich Capital and RBSGC. Established in 1981 by Bill Rainer and Ted Knetzger, the Greenwich Capital Markets is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland. This company acts as a leading distributor, trader and underwriter of fixed income products for investment.
The following are the areas in which the RBSGC specializes:
Asset-based securities
US dollar derivatives
Prime mortgage backed securities
Sub-prime mortgage backed securities
Corporate debt

Other services provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland Greenwich Capital include financing commercial real estate, corporate banking, futures trading, foreign exchange and financing acquisitions and mergers. The company believes in inculcating a strong corporate culture. The professionals of this company are experienced and efficient. The RBS Greenwich Capital ABS and MBS Sales Group specializes in mortgage and asset backed securities.

Greenwich Capital Markets provides real estate financing services. There are a large number of financial alternatives provided by this company for the commercial real estate industry. About $5 billion is distributed and underwritten annually as floating and fixed rate loans. The loans are provided for all real estate purposes. The RBS Greenwich Capital Liquid Products Group trades in US treasury and money market securities. It also undertakes distribution of American agency debentures.

Another of the services provided by the Greenwich Capital Markets is foreign exchange business. It serves as a major foreign exchange bank in London. The RBS New York Branch Derivatives Group and the RBS Greenwich Capital have combined to provide derivative business of the top most quality. The money market services provided by the Greenwich Capital Markets are a great assistance for the short term funding requirements and liquidity of various companies. The Greenwich Capital Markets collaborates with its parent concern, the Royal bank of Scotland to provide full service institutional clearing for option and futures.
Contact details of Greenwich Capital Markets:
600 Steamboat Rd.
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone – 203-625-2700

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