HCL Capital Market

HCL capital market services are a result of long years of experience of operating with top brokerage firms, investment banks, settlement houses, exchanges, investment services companies and investment management firms.
HCL is a market leader in global IT enterprises and technology.

HCL has the following two companies in India:
HCL Infosystems : In the services space the Company has robust services offerings such as a comprehensive portfolio of Infrastructure Managed Services, Enterprise Application Services, System Integration Services, Office Automation Services, Managed Print Services, Life Cycle Services and After-Sales Support Services

HCL Technologies : Applications Services include BPO/Business Services, Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

The capital market services of HCL includes providing operations, technology and infrastructure services to a major investment bank. HCL manages issuing of debts. The solutions provided by the professionals of this company are formatted to improve operations and technology in capital markets. The company specializes in big multi-service engagement management. It is currently handling more than 120 projects. HCL provides solutions to regulatory requirements like BASEL, MiFID, AML, II, Sarbanes Oxley and Patriots Act.
With the aim of solving problems arising from managing transactional data, operational and reference, HCL has initiated a program called Penstock Product Engineering. HCL has verticalized expertise services like PeopleSoft, SAP and Enterprise Content Management Solutions which are quite capital market specific. ARMOR is a transition methodology used for migration of more than 120 projects and 200 processes.

The technological services provided to the capital market by HCL includes enterprise solutions, application development and maintenance, application assurance and production support. These technology services are useful to the following areas of the capital market:

  • Investment services
  • Investment management
  • Institutional trading
  • Research and analytics

The outsourced capital market services of HCL are beneficial for the following capital market operations:

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Reconciliation
  • Data management
  • Transition management
  • Debt issuance and paying agency services
  • Research and analytics
  • Asset servicing and controlling functions
  • Trading and settlement operations

HCL also provides management of IT infrastructure services. HCL offers network services, end use computing, managed security services, data center services, process tools and consulting and applications operations services.

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Last Updated on : 20th July 2016

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