Loop Capital Markets

Loop Capital Markets or Loop Capital is an American company providing brokerage and investment banking services. The company was established in 1997 and has its headquarters in Chicago.Loop Capital Markets has served as the managing underwriter for finances worth more than $500 billion and as corporate bond underwriter of worth more than $400 billion.
This makes this company one of the fastest growing companies in the country. The clients of this company are helped with public and corporate finance, securities trading and sales. The corporate finance services of Loop Capital Markets include trading, sales and underwriting services to top institutions and corporations in America.

The debts provided by the company are the following:

  • Structures exempt from tax
  • Agency and treasury securities of America
  • Extendable notes
  • Commercial paper
  • Medium term notes
  • Convertible debt
  • asset backed securities
  • Subordinated and senior notes
  • Floating and fixed rate securities

The equities provided by Loop Capital Markets are mentioned here under:

  • Stock buyback
  • Secondary offerings
  • Perpetual preferreds
  • IPOs

The corporate finance services also include transition management and investment portfolio structuring. These services are provided to a wide range of industries.

Loop Capital Markets has evolved as one of the top players in the industry of municipal finance. The company has uptil now spent more than $170 billion in municipal financing. The fixed rate products in this sector include the following:

  • Securitization of federal grants
  • Municipal forwards
  • Tender offers
  • Restructuring of debt

The company dishes out variable rate securities in its capacity of a remarketing agent, placement agent or auction agent. The following are the variable rate security products of this company:
Indexed floaters
Commercial papers that are exempt from taxation
Auction rate

Loop Capital Markets also carries out sales and trading of equities. High quality techniques are used in order to increase volume of trade and number of institutional clients. The company provides analysis for both post and pre trade which are very useful in chalking strategies for trading and also avoiding risks.

Fixed income sales and trading services of Loop Capital Markets provide debt products like new and secondary securities. Access to a wide variety of securities that are traded in the secondary market is enabled by this company. Moreover, portfolio liquidation, portfolio structuring and transition management services are also provided by Loop Capital Markets.
Contact details of Loop Capital Markets:
200 West Jackson Boulevard. 16th Fl
Chicago, IL 60606

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