NCB Capital Markets

The NCB Capital Markets carries out the asset and wealth management services of the NCB Group of Companies. The NCB Capital Markets provides advice and investment options to individuals and institutions.For 38 years now the company has been providing its services.
The NCB Capital Markets is one of the foremost stock brokerage companies in Jamaica. This company is the biggest dealer of Jamaican government’s primary debt offerings. NCB Capital Markets was previously known as Edward Gayle and Company Ltd. This company had at one point of time pioneered the Jamaican equity market.

The Edward Gayle and Company Ltd became a subsidiary of the NCB Group in 2002 and the name was changed to NCB Capital Markets in 2003. This asset management and wealth advisory firm now invests in excess of $52.5 billion on their clients’ behalf. The products and services of NCB Capital Markets encompass a whole range of money market, equity and mutual fund products.
The products and services of NCB Capital Markets for the corporate investors are as follows:
Mutual funds
Wealth access

Those businesses that are strong and those that have a potential for growth in the long run are bought by the NCB Capital Markets. Investors in the stock market with medium and long term goals can benefit from the services of this company. The bonds issued by this company are available in US dollars, Jamaican dollars and Euro. These bonds are very useful in meeting the mid and short term goals of the clients of NCB Capital Markets.

Those investors who are ready to take a few risks and are seeking capital growth can avail of the mutual funds of the NCB Capital Markets. The value of the currency can be preserved and steady investments can be made. The wealth access services of NCB Capital Markets are of use to those investors who need quick access to funds. The funds are available for periods of 365, 270, 180, 90 and 30 days.
Contact details
NCB Capital Markets Limited
The Atrium: 3rd floor
32 Trafalgar Road
Phone : 960-7108
Fax : 920-4313 or 960-7649

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