ORIX Capital Markets

ORIX Capital Markets has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a part of ORIX USA Corporation. It mainly carries out asset management and proprietary investment and trading. The total assets of this company is in excess of $1 billion.

ORIX Capital Markets – Products:
The investments of ORIX Capital Markets are made in the following products:
Asset backed securities
Commercial mortgage backed securities that are not up to investment grade
Structured financing transactions
Structured real estate transactions
Distressed and high yield municipal securities
Synthetic credit products

ORIX Capital Markets – Services:
The services of ORIX Capital Markets include providing project financing to private corporations and municipalities throughout the United States of America.

The functions of ORIX Capital Markets are the following:
Municipal finance
Structured finance
MSAT 2005-RR4
CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities)
Special servicing
Equipment finance

Purchase of municipal lease and municipal securities is done by the Municipal Finance Team of this company. Municipality project financing is also done by ORIX Capital Markets. The directors of the Municipal Securities Investment Team and the Municipal Project Financing are entrusted with the duty of searching for potential opportunities of investment.

The structured finance services of ORIX Capital Markets are provided according to the specific needs of their clients. The finances provided are unique and cost-effective and cannot be otherwise received easily in the market in general. Financing is both asset and cash flow based. The financing services are dished out to a wide range of industries and asset classes.

The commercial mortgage backed securities investment portfolio of the company is managed by the CMBS Team of ORIX Capital Markets. Those CMBS that have a BB rating or further lower ratings are invested in by this company and this leads to current income and capital appreciation. Analysis of market valuation and credit underwriting are done for each and every investment. Moreover, a risk management strategy is diligently maintained.

Special servicing services of ORIX Capital Markets include investments in less important tranches of CMBS. This company has the authority of acting as the special servicer of twelve CMBS. Periodical sale of loans secured by US collaterals are conducted by the company. The Real Estate Team of ORIX Capital Markets manages, deposits and repositions real estate properties. The types of real estate dealt with by this company are retail, office, industrial, multi family, hospitality, golf courses and health care.

Contact details:
ORIX Capital Markets
1717 Main Street
Suite 900
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: (214) 237-2000

Type Wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation
Industry Financial Services
Founded New York City (1981)
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Key people Hideto Nishitani, Chairman, President and CEO
Products Corporate Finance, Real Estate Finance, Investment Banking, and Public Finance
Website www.orix.com


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