PNC Capital Markets

PNC Capital Markets services are provided by the Pittsburgh National Corporation (PNC), established in 1852. The services of PNC can be divided into categories like institutional and corporate banking, retail banking, PFPC and asset management.
The PNC Capital Markets serve the unique and specific needs of municipalities, corporations, endowments, foundations and non-profits. The banking solutions that are furnished are formatted according to the specific needs of their clients.

PNC – Services:

The following are the broad head of :
Public market securities
Asset-backed securities
Foreign exchange
Equipment finance solutions
Public finance
Mergers and acquisitions
Private placements
Loan syndications
Equity and interest rate securities
Corporate share repurchase program
The Asset-Backed Group of PNC executes, structures, places and administers securitization transactions. By availing the service of this company, companies can use their assets in order to get debts, hybrid or equity capital financing. PNC specializes in the following classes of assets:

  • Structured funds
  • Equipment loans
  • Education financing
  • Mortgages
  • Automobile loans
  • Credit card receivables
  • Corporate receivables

PNC Equipment finance provides solutions for managing monthly costs of equipments. This helps the client companies in reinvesting conserved cash in other sectors of the company. A wide variety of lease and loan solutions are provided. PNC also provides foreign currency and exchange services. Through a forward contract, a specified amount of foreign currency can be bought from or sold to PNC at a future specified date.

The Merger and Acquisition services of PNC are provided in collaboration with Harris Williams & Co. to the middle market companies. Public Finance Group of PNC provides municipal debt based structures and products. Municipal bonds are traded, sold and underwritten by PNC for clients involved in government, higher education, health care and housing. The Corporate Share Repurchase Program of PNC are useful for companies in controlling their share repurchase program.

Type Public
Traded as NYSE: PNC S&P 500 Component
Industry Financial services
Predecessor Pittsburgh National Corporation, Provident National Corporation
Founded April 10, 1845; Operational: January 28, 1852
Headquarters Tower at PNC Plaza Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people William S. Demchak (CEO), Robert Q. Reilly (CFO)
Revenue US$ 14.326 billion (2011)
Total assets US$ 358 billion (2016)
Total equity US$ 45 billion (2016)
Number of employees 52,500 (2016)


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