Viteos Capital Market Services

Viteos Capital Market Services provides fund services and securities processing to the worldwide capital market industry. These services provided by Viteos Capital Market Services are useful for the mid and back-office needs of big intermediaries and financial institutions.
The company has gained wide domain knowledge over the years and it utilizes this experience towards securing continuous financial growth for their clients.

The global service delivery model and modern technologies used by the Viteos Capital Market Services are used to create value for the clients of this company. The customer-centric hubs of this company are located in America. It also has a delivery center in Bangalore, India.

Viteos Capital Market Services – Clients:
Viteos is an India-US based company providing services to the following capital market intermediaries:
Asset managers
Service providers of financial information
Investment banks

The services of Viteos Capital Market are targeted towards the organizations operating in the capital market. These services are consistent, cost-effective and of good quality. The benefits received by the clients availing of the services of this company are as follows:
Avoiding large investments behind people and processing systems.
Bringing down expenses for creating flexible expense structure.
Gaining specialization in new product areas.
Make possible resource allocation for core operations.

Viteos Capital Market Services:
The services can be divided into the following categories –

  • Expert services: These services include:
    Risk management services
    Accounting and finance services
    Investment banking
    Mutual funds accounting
    Derivatives clearing and settlement services
  • Mutual fund accounting services: The services included are:
    Application processing
    Valuation and pricing
    Processing of discount and rebate
    Corporate actions
    Investor services
  • Hedge fund accounting services: The following services come under this category:
    Fund accounting for Multi-strategy, multi-prime, and multi-currency hedge funds
    NAV calculations and accounting
    Audits and taxation support
    P&L Statement and Performance reports
    Corporate actions
    Investor services
  • Investment banking services: The services include:Customer support services
    Data management
    Transaction processing
    ISDA documentation support
    Financial research
    Corporate actions
    Global reconciliations
  • Risk management services: The following services are included:
    Data management
    Audit and taxation support
    Risk management support
    Compliance support
    Margin monitoring
  • Mid and back-office services: These services include:
    Research support
    Trade accounting
    Settlement management
    Margin computation
    MIS and reporting

Contact Details: VITEOS Capital Market Services Limited
43, Electronics City,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore 560 100
Tel: +91 80 66082200
Fax: +91 80 66082201

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