Wachovia Capital Markets

Wachovia Capital Markets is a part of the brokerage firm Wachovia Securities. Wachovia Capital Markets looks into the investment banking and corporate side of Wachovia Securities.Both Wachovia Securities and Wachovia Capital Markets are subsidiaries of banking conglomerate Wachovia.
The following are the main services of Wachovia Capital Markets:
Private capital
Corporate advisory services
Advice on acquisitions and mergers
Debt private placements
Equity investing
Risk management services
Real estate financing
Mortgage backed securities
Asset backed securities

Wachovia Capital Markets specializes in technology, media, health care, financial services, utilities, aerospace, defense and retail industries. Asset backed finance is one of the services of Wachovia Capital Markets. The company has a team of over 100 experts serving corporate clients with structured finance and asset-backed capabilities. The wide capital market coverage of this company enables them to serve their customers according to their precise needs.

The following are the services provided by the company in this field:
Risk management
Structured warehouse financing
Underwriting issues of public asset-backed securities
Asset-backed funding of commercial paper
Broad distribution platform
Asset-backed securities private placements

Convertible securities are another service provided by Wachovia Capital Markets. The company provides support for transactions of convertible securities. The company provides solutions on distribution, structuring and trading of convertible securities. Wachovia Capital Markets is a market maker for more than 400 securities. Long term debt capital can be raised from the private placement market. The benefits got from this service of the company include delayed amortization, quick execution, flexible covenant packages and others.

The equity capital markets of Wachovia Capital Markets provides equity financing solutions. The company is one of the top most equity underwriters listed on the Wall Street. The company targets the growing companies that need numerous strategic financing solutions. High yield debt is provided by this company to growth oriented companies. Wachovia Capital Markets performs the function of gathering capital for the business of their clients. Investment Grade Debt Group of Wachovia Capital Markets performs the functions of structuring, underwriting, syndicating and originating loans and debt for its corporate clients.
Contact details
301 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28288
Phone: 704-374-6161
Toll Free: 877-549-1428

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