African Capital Market

The African Capital Market is still in a nascent state. As the continent is primarily dominated by the poor and underdeveloped nations, the capital market in Africa is influenced by the handful of developed economies like South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana.

Africa is the world’s most underdeveloped and poorest continent. Two countries – South Africa and Botswana though have attained considerable economic growth. The countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon and Egypt are the other countries that are also experiencing an economic growth.

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South African Capital Market:
The economy of South Africa is developed. The JSE Limited, previously known as Johannesburg Securities Exchange controls the capital market of South Africa. As counted according to market capitalization, the JSE Limited has ranked among the top twenty stock exchanges in the world.

South African Capital Market – Regulatory Body: The National Credit Regulator monitors the capital market of South Africa. In order to protect the investors of South Africa from the high interest rates, reckless lending and unfair lending practices, the National Credit Regulator was established in 1 June 2006. The objectives of National Credit Regulator are as follows:
The prime objective of the regulatory body is to promote and back a fair, transparent, responsible and accessible capital market in South Africa.
It also makes sure to make the capital market competitive and sustainable.
The body prohibits any kind of automatic increases in credit limits and reckless lending practices to ensure protection of the consumers.
It also regulates interest and fees in the capital market.
All types of consumer credit like credit cards, bank loans, pawn transactions, store cards, furniture finance and motor vehicle finance are also regulated by the National Credit Regulator in South Africa.

Botswana Capital Market:
Botswana is another country that contributes on the capital market investments in Africa. Being the member of Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU), Botswana is enjoying some foreign investment. Botswana is presently negotiating a free trade agreement with Mercosur. It is also negotiating an Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

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