European Capital Market

European capital markets are flourishing and are expected to play some major role in the global arena. The European Union is trying to create an integrated .European capital market and the purpose is included in the Financial Services Action Plan.
At present the European capital markets are giving enough competition to the American counterparts in terms of securing their share in the global capital markets.The capital market represents the securities market which in turn is related with the national economy.

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In case of the European capital market, there are twenty-seven countries which are related to the development of the European capital market. Although the US capital market is leading the field at present, but the Eurozone is expected make a good position in the global capital markets very soon.Now, if we consider Europe unitedly, it is the second largest economy of the world.
European Union is the largest exporter in the world and working as the biggest trading partner of many countries. So the continent has so much strength in its economy that can make their capital markets the best in the whole world.
The global capital market is winning depth everyday and this development is increasing the liquidity of the global capital markets. The global financial stocks are growing worldwide at a rate that is more than the GDP growth rate. In these situations, the capital flow has also increased heavily and United States of America, Europe and Britain shares almost 90% of this capital flow.

From the 90% of the cash flow, US received the major share and then the remaining two. But the picture is changing rapidly and the European capital market is also increasing its share. But the main problem is that the European capital market regulations are different in different countries. These regulations are imposed by the national governments separately. These are very confusing for the investor and because of this, the European Union is trying to create a single regulatory body. This is very important from an investors point of view and this would encourage the investments in the European capital markets.

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Last Updated on : 21st July 2016

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