Japan Capital Market

The trading of stocks and bonds is handled by Japan Capital Market. The Financial Service Agency is the government owned organization that regulates the operations of this market.

Functions of Financial Service Agency, Japan:

The agency has to perform the following functions:
It takes care of the investments made in the capital market.
In the recent years, Japan’s financial and capital markets have gone through drastic change.
It has become necessary for the agency to compile the cross-sectional and comprehensive rules for the user protection.
It also needs to develop an environment in the Japan capital market where the investors can invest with confidence.
It has also become essential for the agency to ensure a fairness and transparency in the capital market of Japan and hence regain the confidence in the market.
Speeding up the efforts in order to establish the capital market of Japan is also one of its tasks.
The agency has started to take up some amendments in order to make investing in the capital market of Japan easy.

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According to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law in Japan, the scope of the securities like stocks and bonds is decided to expand. The scope of the derivative transactions are also to be expanded under the same law.

EuroWeek has been arranging the annual Japan Capital Market Summit for last two years. The 2nd Japan Capital Market Summit was held in May 29, 2007 in London, followed by the successful summit held in 1996. The summit outlines the drivers for change in product structure, pricing and debt issuance. The main purpose of the summit was to make acquaintance of the Japanese issuers with the investors of the world.

In order to reform the capital market in Japan, the country announced the financial deregulation, also known as Japanese Big Bang in 1996. The Big Bang was planned to improve the status of Japanese capital market at the international level. It was also started in order to solve the deadlock of the existing financial structure. Though it was supposed to end by March 2001, but the system reforms for the capital markets in Japan are still in process.

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