Market capitalization Map of the World

Market capitalization map of the world

In layman’s terms, market capitalization is referred to as the market value of the outstanding shares of a company. Take the stock price and multiply it by the total number of shares outstanding and the figure achieved would be market capitalization of a particular company.

The table below provides an account of the market capitalization of various countries in the year 2015. Coming at the top of the table is the United States, which, in the year 2015, reported a market capitalization of $25,067,539.60 million. This is a huge jump from the year 1975, when the figures stood at $703,800 million. China, which occupies the second spot, is way behind the United States.

In the year 2015, China reported a market capitalization of $8,188,019.32 million. Japan, at the third place, reported a market capitalization of $4,894,919.12 million, while the Chinese region of Hong Kong was at the fourth place with figures standing at $3,184,874.22 million.

The three European countries of France, Germany and Switzerland occupied the fifth, sixth and eight spots reporting a market capitalization of $2,088,317.31 million, $1,715,800.49 million, and $1,519,323.46 million respectively. The seventh spot went to Canada, which reported a figure of $1,593,399.30 million. Emerging economy India occupied the ninth spot, while another robust economy, South Korea was at the 10th spot. Both of them reported figures of $1,516,216.71 million and $1,231,199.76 million respectively.

Below you would find a table showing the countries and the market capitalization figures that they reported in the years 2015 and 1975.


Market Capitalization of Listed Domestic Companies (current US $)
Country 2015 (Trillions) Country 2015 (Trillions)
United States 25.07 United Arab Emirates 0.20
China 8.19 Norway 0.19
Japan 4.89 Chile 0.19
Hong Kong SAR, China 3.18 Turkey 0.19
France 2.09 Qatar 0.14
Germany 1.72 Poland 0.14
Canada 1.59 Ireland 0.13
Switzerland 1.52 Austria 0.10
India 1.52 Iran, Islamic Rep. 0.09
Korea, Rep. 1.23 Colombia 0.09
Australia 1.19 New Zealand 0.07
Spain 0.79 Portugal 0.06
South Africa 0.74 Peru 0.06
Netherlands 0.73 Argentina 0.06
Singapore 0.64 Egypt, Arab Rep. 0.06
Brazil 0.49 Vietnam 0.05
Saudi Arabia 0.42 Nigeria 0.05
Belgium 0.41 Luxembourg 0.05
Mexico 0.40 Morocco 0.05
Russian Federation 0.39 Greece 0.04
Malaysia 0.38 Oman 0.04
Indonesia 0.35 Kazakhstan 0.03
Thailand 0.35 Jordan 0.03
Israel 0.24 Sri Lanka 0.02
Philippines 0.24 Bahrain 0.02
World 61.78



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